The Wild Robot: the director of Dragon makes his comeback at Dreamworks (photo)

The Wild Robot: the director of Dragon makes his comeback at Dreamworks (photo)

Chris Sanders, also known for Lilo & Stitch, will deliver an animated film in 2024 with an android as the main character.

Rozzum 7134, commonly called Roz, is the name given to the little robot who will appear in the animated film The Wild Robot. This film marks the return of Chris Sanders at Dreamworks after co-directing Dragon in 2010, then The Croods three years later. Roz wakes up one day on a deserted and completely wild island, with no idea what she is doing here, or what her purpose is. In touch with nature, she quickly realizes that she will have to learn from animals to adapt and survive. She will not be alone in her adventure, since she becomes the unexpected protector of an orphaned baby bird that she names Brightbill.

Dean DeBloisthe second director of Dragon, is executive producer of the feature film and the film is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Peter Brown. Let us expect a surprising mix of technological imagination with the figure of the robot, the artificial being and the ecological imagery specific to survival in a hostile environment. An android in the middle of nature, this inevitably brings to mind Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky, and now that the studio has delivered its first image, it makes you want to see more.

Dragons and The Croods deciphered by their director Chris Sanders

The Wild Robot will not be the only Dreamworks film of 2024 since it will be preceded by Orion’s Nightan animated fable written by Charlie Kaufman (In the shoes of John Malkovich, Adaptation) about overcoming his childhood fears. Orion is a boy afraid of many things, especially the dark. He meets Dark, the entity born from darkness who offers him a one-night journey to show him that there is no reason to be afraid of him.

While waiting for more information regarding the appearance and release of The Wild Robot (currently scheduled by Universal only in the United States, September 20, 2024), Orion’s Night will be released on February 2, 2024 on Netflix. You can already watch its trailer:

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