This zombie series announces its return, six years later!

This zombie series announces its return, six years later!

Remember Z Nation? The horror show canceled in 2018 could well be brought back to life.

Zombies, survivors, a post-apocalyptic world… Z Nation hadn't quite revolutionized the genre, roughly riding the wave Walking Dead in the 2010s. The series developed by the cable channel Syfy still lasted five seasons, until 2018, helped by a broadcast on Netflix (in France in particular).

And six years later, the show is about to come back to life!

Production company The Asylum released a message promising “a major announcement soon after the brief hiatus” taken by the series. Implied, for six years, Z Nation was on standby and season 6 will now see the light of day.

Remember that the cancellation of the series, in 2018, surprised fans, who were able to console themselves with Black Summera spin-off stopped after two short seasons.

Still, we still don't know anything about season 6 of Z Nation ? When ? How many episodes? With which cast members? In what form ? Everything is possible, from a TV movie to a spin-off. We are now awaiting the announcement in question.

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