Tom Cruise has given Dakota Fanning a gift every year since War of the Worlds!

Tom Cruise has given Dakota Fanning a gift every year since War of the Worlds!

“He sends me the same thing every year,” confides the actress, now 30 years old.

In 2005, between two Impossible mission, Tom Cruise reunited with Steven Spielberg to star in War of the Worlds. A modernized adaptation of the novel by HG Wells published in 1898 and considered one of the first literary works of science fiction evoking an extra-terrestrial invasion.

In this film, Tom Cruise plays a divorced father, forced to survive with his children an attack from elsewhere. On screen, his daughter, Rachel Ferrier, is played by Dakota Fanning, at the time only eleven years old. His young age was not, however, synonymous with inexperience. Before sharing the bill with Pete Mitchell's interpreter “Maverick”, the teenager had already played with Denzel Washington, Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer. But did they give him a gift on his birthday like Tom Cruise did?

Recently invited on the set of the Kelly Clarkson Show, the woman who celebrated her thirtieth birthday on February 23, returned to this special attention recounted a month earlier in an interview for Harper's Bazaar. While celebrating her eleventh birthday on the set of War of the WorldsTom Cruise gave him a cell phone:

“It was a Motorala Razr, I was so happy! I had no one to write or call at the time I was only eleven. But I loved having it, it was so great! “

She added that since that day, every year, the actor gives her a gift on her birthday. And so it was on Kelly Clarkson's show that Dakota Fanning revealed what he gave her – shoes, most often:

“He sends me the same thing every year. I loved shoes when I was little and I was starting to be able to fit into small size adult shoes when I was on the press tour for War of the Worlds. So obviously I was very excited about that. Since then, for my birthday, he sent me shoes.”

A thoughtful and original gift which visibly made its host laugh, who was quick to say: “This must make a great collection of shoes from Tom Cruise.”

Dakota Fanning will be showing soon Watchersa horror film which will be released on June 12.

War of the Worlds: the tense reunion between Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise

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