Too complicated The Witcher?  "Don't hesitate to simplify the story"

Too complicated The Witcher? “Don’t hesitate to simplify the story”

“Because our audience is made up of a mass of viewers…”

We will already have to digest the departure of Henry Cavill. After that, The Witcher will have to relaunch the history of the Continent, after a frankly stammering season 3 on the narrative level. Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels are largely reworked and condensed in this television version, limiting the interest of the intrigues between the Kingdoms and the stakes of the drama. Executive producer, Tomek Baginski, takes ownership and feels there is a need to simplify the adaptation for modern audiences.

In an interview with Polish website Wyborcza, Baginski explains: “Even if it is painful for our authors to simplify history, it is necessary. Because our audience is made up of a mass of viewers with different experiences.”

The producer continues his analysis:When a series is designed for such a base of viewers, who come from different parts of the world, and a large portion of that audience is American, these simplifications not only make sense, they are necessary. It’s painful for us, and for me too, but if you aim for a higher level of nuance and complexity, then the series will have a smaller reach, you won’t reach people. Sometimes this simplification goes too far, but we have to make those decisions and live with them.vs”.

maybe Henry Cavilla big fan of novels, could no longer live with it… Season 4 of The Witcher will soon be on Netflix.

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