Wonka is a superb pure sugar musical (review)

Warner Bros. dates a “family suite” for Christmas 2027. Wonka 2?

Or the sequel to Barbie? What exactly is the studio planning?

This year it is Dune 2 which is at the top of the world box office. If in France, the situation is a little different thanks to the box full ofA little something extrainternationally, it is this sci-fi blockbuster by Denis Villeneuve carried by Timothée Chalamet which reigns, with just over $700 million in revenue recorded since March.

That's a lot, especially when we know that a few months earlier, the 28-year-old actor was already at the top of the global box office thanks to the 632 million greenbacks amassed by Wonka at the turn of 2023-2024!

Even Denis Villeneuve is worried that Dune 2 will still be the biggest hit of 2024

Thanks to this double, the actor saw soar your rating in Hollywoodand this will undoubtedly not be the only fallout from Wonka on his career. Warner Bros. has just updated its release schedule, and its “family suite” planned for December 17, 2027 did not go unnoticed. Could it be Wonka 2 ?

This is what is currently being rumored, because the other huge recent success for the whole studio family was barbiebillionaire at the box office last summer, but neither director Greta Gerwig nor her actors Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling intend to return for a number 2… So unless a potential sequel is made without them, there has more chances than this mysterious “family sequels” refers to the one from Paul King's musical!

While waiting for confirmation, find below our enthusiastic review of Wonka, as well as its trailer. The film is now available on VOD, DVD and Blu-ray.

Wonka is a superb pure sugar musical (review)

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