What are we watching this weekend?  Karim Leklou in survival mode, Virginie Efira in full drama…

What are we watching this weekend? Karim Leklou in survival mode, Virginie Efira in full drama…

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In theaters: Vincent must die by Stéphan Castang

Almost the whole world is inexplicably angry with Karim Leklou. So he runs, he runs, sometimes falls, often gets up and goes to go green. No time to breathe. All at the same time, paranoid thriller, post-apocalyptic trance, romantic-burlesque comedy and pure survival, the cinematic happiness is total here. We double-checked, it is indeed a first feature film. That’s crazy.

What’s new at the cinema this week

Series : Everything is fine by Camille de Castelnau

For her return to the series (15 years after Off Prime), Virginie Efira chose this tender and moving family chronicle around childhood cancer. Little Rose suffers from leukemia. A test for the little girl, her mother and all her loved ones. A drama which tells of everyday life, worn down by illness, without ever falling into plaintive tragedy and avoiding the pitfall of melodrama that is too heavy to bear. A gentle tale of life.

Watch Everything’s Fine on Disney Plus

The film in streaming: Pleasure by Ninja Thyberg

Coming from feminist and anti-porn activism, director Ninja Thyberg delivers her vision of the world of porn in this impressive and hyper-documented first feature film. Pleasure tells the story of Bella (Sofia Kappel), a young Swedish girl who arrives in LA with the stated ambition of becoming a porn star. His discovery behind the scenes will be terrible. And it will twist your stomach.

Watch Pleasure on MUBI (7 Days Free Trial)

THE film on VOD: On the branch by Marie Garel-Weiss

A lost thirty-something and a depressed, sidelined lawyer team up to try to prevent a small-time scammer (Raphaël Quenard) who claims his innocence from going to prison. A strange tandem for a delightful comedy carried by the duo Benoît Poelvoorde and Daphné Patakia, the actress revealed by Gatlif (Djam) and Verhoeven (Benedetta), and just named by the revelations of the 2024 Caesars.

Watch On the Branch in VOD on Première Max

The classic : The Big Laundry (!) by Jean-Pierre Mocky

A Mocky collection is freely accessible on Arte.tv, with the figurehead The Big Laundry (!), a cult comedy from 1968 about a literature teacher’s crusade against television. Armed with a miracle product, he sets out to destroy the antennas littering the roofs of Paris… An anarchist manifesto on brainless TV (of course still relevant today), driven by the gentle madness of Bourvil (and his very becoming beard collar ).

Watch La Grande Lessive (!) for free on Arte.tv or on the Arte YouTube channel:

The documentary : Michael Douglas, the prodigy son

To tell the story of how Michael took time to free himself from the influence of Kirk Douglas, director Amine Mestari had the good idea of ​​giving him the floor directly. Of the triumph of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (which he produced) to his own acting successes (the long-awaited Oscar for Wall Street), Douglas Jr. speaks in front of the camera with sincerity, never avoiding his personal problems.

Watch Michael Douglas, the Prodigy Son for free on Arte.tv or on the Arte YouTube channel:

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