Why Ryan Gosling no longer wants to accept dark roles

Why Ryan Gosling no longer wants to accept dark roles

La La Land was the trigger, says the actor about his career choices, decided with his wife Eva Mendes with their family life as a priority.

“I don’t really accept roles anymore that would put me in sort of dark moods.”

Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about his recent comedies barbie And The Fall Guy, Ryan Gosling explains that he made this decision since he became a father.

“Right now, I feel the need to make my career choices based on home, what is best for all of us, he adds. I make my decisions with Eva, and we decide based on our family above all.”

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No more roles of tortured men as in Half Nelson, Drive, Only God Forgives Or The Place Beyond the Pines, a drama on which he met the actress who became his wife? If she far from film sets to be with their daughters, his wife every day Eva Mendes remains no less influential on Gosling's career, who goes on to explain that he had the trigger while preparing La La Land.

“I said to myself : 'Oh, it's a good film, because it will be fun for them too. Even if she won't come on set, we'll play the piano every day, and we'll sing, we'll dance…' My daughters' passion for Barbie and their complete disinterest in Ken was also an inspiration. I thought that since they were already making their little films barbie on the iPad, there was certainly logic in me also going to work on this long one, we were in a way aligned.”

The actor seems to forget his participation in First Mana dark biopic of Neil Armstrong which dealt above all with mourning when he specifies having “more awareness of everything” since he had his daughters.

“I'm just trying to understand who they are, he explains. They have strong, distinct personalities, it's becoming very clear. And when you see that, you just want to give them everything they deserve.”

Specifically about his participation in the action comedy The Fall Guyby David Leitch, thought of as a love letter to the profession of stuntman, he finally says:

“I just want to make more inclusive films, not works that are aimed at only one kind of audience. I think that for a long time, I just saw it as working, paying my bills. It was only recently that I realized that I was lucky enough to be able to make precisely the style of films that made me love cinema.”

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