34 years after Harrison Ford, Jake Gyllenhaal is presumed innocent (trailer)

34 years after Harrison Ford, Jake Gyllenhaal is presumed innocent (trailer)

David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies) adapts the same novel as Alan J. Pakula.

Apple TV+ unveils this week the trailer for a mini-series that should bring back memories for fans of Harrison Ford. In 1990, the star ofIndiana Jones and of Star Wars played in Presumed innocentby Alan J. Pakula, a thriller based on the eponymous book by Scott Turow.

In 2024, it's David E. Kelly, the prolific creator of Big Little Lieswhich adapts this same story, this time with Jake Gyllenhaal in the main role. That of an assistant prosecutor who has everything to be happy in Chicago. A comfortable lifestyle, a sublime and loving woman (Ruth Negga), iron health, a family to whom he is very close… Everything changes when he falls for a work colleague, played by the revelation of Julie (in 12 chapters), Renate Reinvse. Their romance will be short-lived, because when the young woman is found murdered, he is the main suspect.

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Presumed innocent will be made up of 8 episodes, the first two of which will be broadcast from June 12 on Apple TV+. After this date, a new chapter will be offered every week until July 24. Note that in addition to being the star, Jake Gyllenhaal is producing, alongside JJ Abrams.

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