Wonka vs. The Three Musketeers: fierce duel at the top of the box office

Wonka vs. The Three Musketeers: fierce duel at the top of the box office

Timothée Chalamet promises to be the big winner of Christmas (Source: Le film français).

Two big new releases took the French box office by storm this week. And he’s the mischievous one Wonka which rose to the top position, with nearly 700,000 entries (785,000 including previews). This is the best start to the filmography of Paul King. His both Paddington had not exceeded 600,000 spectators at their launch. Furthermore, it surpasses Charlie and the chocolate factory (2005) Tim Burtonwhich sold 766,547 tickets during its first week in French theaters.

In second position in this top, The Three Musketeers: Milady brought together 630,000 curious people (more than 700,000 previews included). Eva Green, François Civil, Romain Duris And Vincent Cassel lose their duel with Timothée Chalamet and achieved a lower score than the first part, which attracted more than a million spectators thanks to its release during the school holidays.

In third position, wish makes resistance. The new Disney only lost 19% compared to last week and has 320,000 admissions this week for a total of 1.3 million since its release. Behind, Migration is also holding up well (-26%) but its performance remains modest, with a cumulative number of 430,000 tickets.

During this time, Napoleon falling three places in the ranking for its fourth week in the Salle Tricolore, with 120,000 entries. Ridley Scott’s film will not exceed the 2 million mark.

The surprise of the week is signed by Shaun the Sheep’s Keeping Up with Christmas. The double short film from Aardman studios, released in mid-November, made an improbable comeback, seeing its admissions increase by 93%! Enough to take 8th position in this top.

Finally, Suddenly Alone is struggling, in ninth position. The film inspired by the novel of the same name, with Giles Lelouche And Melanie Thierry in castaways, lost half of its entries for its second week with 58,000 tickets sold.

French weekly box office from December 13 to 19, 2023:

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