Yellowjackets: the first revelations about season 3

Yellowjackets: the first revelations about season 3

The return of girls to the civilized world will be the focus of the next chapter.

Three months after the end of season 2, Yellowjackets is currently preparing for season 3. And the producer, Karyn Kusama, reveals (via Variety) that this third season will tell the return of the teenagers to the civilized world, after long months of survival in the Canadian forest.

“I’m very excited about this. This comeback is a whole concept and we will deal with all the immediate aftermath of their reunion with the world and civilization. In my opinion, there is material for a whole season there. We know that each of these characters will face these consequences for a long time. So we’ll see the paths they choose, if he or they make the choice of reorientation to what normalcy is supposed to be. I’m sure we’ll learn that their normal is very different from our normal… There will be a lot of things to clear between season 2 and season 3.”

Yellowjackets so go take the girls home to the past, and we should have the end of their cannibalistic stories in this forest.

Still, it’s not for now. The third season of Yellowjackets currently does not have a release date, as production was halted due to the Hollywood strike.

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