10 films and series not to be missed on Netflix in June 2024

10 films and series not to be missed on Netflix in June 2024

A shark under the Seine, the sequel to season 3 of Bridgerton, the end of Sweet Tooth or Jessica Alba in Riposte mode.

UNDER THE SEINE – film – June 5

This is one of the most anticipated films of the year on Netflix: a shark in the Seine will disrupt the summer of 2024 for Parisians, who are hosting the triathlon world championships for the first time… A wink obvious eye to the Olympic Games, directed by Xavier Gens and worn by Bérénice Bejo and Nassim Lyes. “Sophia, a brilliant scientist, is alerted by Mika, a young activist dedicated to ecology, of the presence of a large shark in the depths of the river. They have no other choice but to team up with Adil, commander of the river police to avoid a bloodbath in the heart of the city.”

SWEET TOOTHseason 3 – series – June 6

It's the end for the fantasy series produced by Robert Downey Jr. and adapted from the comics. After Abbot's defeat at Yellowstone at the end of Season 2, “Gus, Jepperd, Becky and Wendy embark on a trip to Alaska in search of Gus' mother, Birdie, who is working to discover the mysterious origins of the famous disease,” teases the synopsis for the third and final season. “Along the way, they are joined by Dr. Singh, who may have his own dangerous beliefs about Gus and his role in reversing the virus. Meanwhile, a new threat emerges in the form of Helen Zhang, his daughter Rosie and the fierce Wolf Boys, who seek to revive human birth and see Gus as the solution to their plans. As they navigate perilous terrain, Gus and his group of friends find refuge at the forefront. station in Alaska, where they meet a new set of characters, including Siana and her hybrid daughter Nuka…”

TOUR DE FRANCE: IN THE HEART OF THE PLATOONseason 2 – docu-series – June 11

As cyclists prepare to return to the roads of France, the documentary following all the actors of the Tour is back and reveals behind the scenes of the 21 stages of the Tour de France 2023, “between scandals, low blows and desire for glory; dramatic falls and historic escapes, abandonments and thirst for victory: the series looks back on the fierce fight of the riders for the yellow jersey.”

THE BRIDGERTON CHRONICLEseason 3 part 2 – series – June 13

Will Colin Bridgerton and Pénélope Featherington be entitled to a happy ending? The final part of Bridgerton 3 will give the verdict.

ULTRAMAN: RISING – film – June 14

The anime is gaining momentum with this film directed by John Aoshima. “When Tokyo is threatened by monsters, a renowned athlete reluctantly returns home to take on the role of Ultraman, discovering that his greatest challenge is not fighting giant monsters, but raising one.”

THE COKE CLANS – series – June 21

Your new Hispanic obsession for summer? An Iberian thriller about coke trafficking, a sure bet: “After the murder of her father, a lawyer discovers that he led a double life and seeks to avenge him. She infiltrates a Galician cartel and gets closer to its leader.”

REPOST – film – June 21

Jessica Alba fights in this new action film, in “revenge movie” mode : “A seasoned member of a special forces commando takes over her father's bar after his sudden death and soon finds herself in conflict with a violent gang plaguing her hometown.”

KAULITZ & KAULITZ – documentary – June 25

20 years after their international success, what has become of the Tokio Hotel teenagers? “Tom and Bill Kaulitz, the superstar twins of Tokio Hotel, reveal a glimpse into their private life. Funny and intimate.”

@cleakowen 😍 KAULITZ & KAULITZ 🥳 06.25.2024 on Netflix #billkaulitz #tomkaulitz #netflix #pourtoi #tokiohotel ♬ original sound – Clea K Owen

THAT'90'S SHOWpart 2 – series – June 27

Following That'70's ​​show continues. The daughter of Eric and Donna returns to Wisconsin, to return to her teenage life in love. The story will now take place in 1996. “Leia Forman is returning to Point Place for another summer of fun with her friends and grandparents, Kitty and Red. Leia and Jay are excited to reunite after nine months of long distance. But she's nervous since Jay doesn't know Still not that she almost kissed Nate is worried that his girlfriend, Nikki, will know too. How long can they keep this secret?


Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron and Joey King star in this romantic comedy directed by Richard LaGravenese: “A young woman, her mother and her boss, a movie star, face the difficulties of love, sex and identity.”

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