Ahsoka: the end of episode 4 explained

Ahsoka: the end of episode 4 explained

Where did Ahsoka Tano end up in the last minutes of the episode? A big explanation is required.

But what is this place? At the end of episode 4 ofAhsoka – broadcast this Wednesday on Disney Plus – the Jedi ends up in a very mysterious dreamlike place… already seen in Star Wars Rebels and crucial in mythology Star Wars. Spoiler alert.

Defeated by the warrior Baylan Skoll, Ahsoka Tano lands in “The World Between Worlds”, the hidden place of the Force, which Yoda mentions for example in Star Wars: Episode III. This is where people from Star Wars go after their death, to become one with the Force. An elusive place that connects various points across space and time.

This celestial kingdom thus promises to be crucial in the history ofAhsoka, especially since she meets her former master, Anakin Skywalker. Ahsoka Tano last saw him on Malachor while he was still Darth Vader. And even though she will have learned of his redemption, the two were never able to forgive each other during her lifetime. Their reunion in the “World Between Worlds” should fix that.

Still, we don’t know how Ahsoka Tano ended up there after Baylan Skoll threw her off a cliff. We remember that Ezra Bridger entered this “World Between Worlds” for the first time in season 4 of Star Wars Rebels, as Emperor Palpatine attempted to seize his power. Ezra heard voices there from the entire saga Star Wars, notably those of Jyn Erso, Kylo Ren and Rey. This Kingdom is thus the embodiment of the Force that binds the galaxy, showing how interconnected the stories and characters of the franchise are.

It is therefore possible to intervene through this mystical place. We will remember that Ahsoka Tano has already been saved – from her duel against Darth Vader – during the finale of season 2 of Rebels. Ezra had come across a portal that showed their duel, and just as Vader was about to kill her, he pulled her out and saved her life. It is possible that the ruins of the world of Seatos – the planet where episode 4 takes place – conceal an entrance to the “World between worlds”. Anakin would then use this entry point to communicate with her.

The precise reason will certainly be explained in episode 5 ofAhsoka, next Wednesday, on Disney Plus. In the meantime, no, Ahsoka Tano is not dead. Yes, she will return from “The World Between Worlds”.

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