5 things to know about Les Tuche

5 things to know about Les Tuche

Comedy will return with Jean-Paul Rouve is once again in the spotlight, this evening on TF1.

TF1 will rebroadcast this evening the first episode of the comic saga ofOlivier Barouxfollowed by a special broadcast on The Tuches. The opportunity to (re)discover 5 funny anecdotes about the four opuses which were a hit in France between 2011 and 2021.

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The Tuches are inspired by The Simpsons
Within the bonuses of Tuche on DVD, Olivier Baroux explains that he finds a certain resemblance between his characters and “the crazy family” of the Simpson. He also comments on his casting,Isabelle Nanty has Theo Fernandez (the future Gaston Lagaffe) through his cameos: Omar Sy, Valérie Benguigui, Pierre Bellemare…and of course his accomplice Kad Meradwith whom he became known thanks to the duo Kad et O. The film was written by Philippe Mechelenwho was notably an author for Burger Quiz And The horns of info. After the success of the first film, the duo worked together again on the sequels.

And Robin Hood sketches
Jean-Paul Rouve for his part detailed that he had taken up the faults of his redneck character created for the sketches “Radio Beer Football”recorded with Maurice Barthélémyof the Robin Hood. If it was the director who found him “his look”, then he had to take on a Northern accent, several facets of his character pre-existed in these sketches recorded for the Comedy channel. This one for example:

Les Tuche 3 – Olivier Baroux: “We knew the elections were coming and that inspired us”

Les 2 was the number 1 French success of 2016 (and its sequel got off to an even better start!)
Each episode of Tuche works better than the previous one. In 2011, The Tuches recorded 1.5 million entries, and in 2016, The American dream ended at 4.6 million, the biggest French success that year. Liberty, equality, fraternituche beat the scores of its predecessors on its first day at the cinema, then it reached 5.6 million tickets.

If the public César had been created earlier, who would have been the winners?

No, Jeff Tuche will not become Pope in Les Tuches 4
We asked the question to Olivier Baroux during the L’Alpe d’Huez festival, because a joke in the film suggests that the character played by Jean-Paul Rouve could become Pope in the future. “It’s a joke, responds the person concerned. (…) That’s why we removed it from the film, hoping that people understand that it’s a gag.” It still adds a 4e episode could see the light of day, because public demand is strong. “During previews, the first question we get asked is: ‘Will there be a Tuche 4?'” Since January 2020, we even know the pitch of this sequel.

Alpe d’Huez 2018: Jean Dujardin perfect for the Tuche 4?

A crossover Les Tuche/Campsite canceled
In January 2017, Fabien Onteniente had revealed to VSD that a comedy mixing the characters of Tuche and of Camping could see the light of day. “Patrick Chirac would meet a certain Jeff Tuche”, the director joked, but since then, the project has not materialized, unlike the Key 4which is indeed in the pipeline.

Trailer for Tuchewhich will return Sunday evening at 9 p.m. on TF1:

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