A date for the end of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

A date for the end of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

The final season 4 will be seen this summer.

We had to wait two years, but this time, we’re getting there. The third season of Umbrella Academy ended in June 2022 and season 4 is announced today for next summer. It will be broadcast in its entirety on the platform on Thursday August 8.

And it will be more intense than ever for two reasons: first, it will only be six episodes (compared to ten usually). Then, this season 4 will be the last and will mark the end of the adventures of the Hargreeves family!

So how will it end? Umbrella Academy ? We remember that the last spatio-temporal cliffhanger left us with a black hole devouring the universe as we knew it. Sir Reginald attempted to completely reprogram the universe before it was destroyed, but his process was interrupted by Allison; thus, the remaining brothers and sisters of the Umbrella Academy and some Sparrow Academy have been transported to a seemingly half-formed world where they no longer possess their powers…

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