A French director will take over Evil Dead and direct the new film in the saga

A French director will take over Evil Dead and direct the new film in the saga

Sébastien Vaniček, who exploded last year with his first film, Vermin, will make his Hollywood debut by taking over Sam Raimi’s cult franchise.

“I’ve received some crazy offers! And there are still some things that make you drool, you have to admit!” Last January, Sébastien Vaniček told us about his “water bottle tour” in the United States, following the success of Vermin, meeting various Hollywood studio executives. Obviously, the meetings went well!

We learned today that the French director will embark on his first American project. And not just any one: it’s downright evil Dead that Sébastien Vaniček will resume, in the wake of the recent remake Evil Dead Risedirected by Lee Cronin, without much success, since the feature film did not pass $150 million worldwide.

Deadline specifies that Sébastien Vaniček will be director and co-writer of this next evil Deadproduced by Sam Raimi in person, via the production company Ghost House Pictures. Nothing is yet known about the plot, which could be a direct sequel or an entirely new story in the world ofevil Dead.

In any case, it’s a great achievement for the young 34-year-old filmmaker, who hit it big with his first feature film, released last December. Vermin attracted 200,000 spectators to theaters in France and will be nominated twice for the next César.

Vermin: “Théo was the flesh of Vermin” according to Sébastien Vaniček (interview)

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