A little something extra: a hilarious comedy… about disability (review)

A little something extra: a hilarious comedy… about disability (review)

Inflated but never stupidly provocative, Artus succeeds in his first steps as a director.

A first film as a response to those who assure us that we no longer laugh at everything for fear of offending this or that category of the population and of a bad buzz. Revealed by We just want to laugh about itauthor-actor and theater director (Duels at Davidéjonatown…), crossed on the large (Apaches …) and the little one (The Legends Office) screen, Artus launches into production, ignoring any self-censorship. And straight away, we understand that he has found the perfect tone – inflated but never provocative – for this comedy dealing with disability. Certainly, his film is not without its flaws: a direction without much relief and the starting point of its plot – a son and his father on the run after a burglary find refuge in a camp for young adults with disabilities by pretending to be a resident and his specialized educator – a bit far-fetched.

But its major advantage lies elsewhere. In the writing of his characters with disabilities (the one who constantly gets something in the face without it shocking anyone, the one whose disability… is to think he's Sarkozy!…) and situations where the we laugh a lot not at them but with them. And this without trying to apologize for it in the process. There is our happy days in this A little something extrathis same attachment to his characters, this same quality in the direction of Artus' actors who, alongside a cast of young disabled people who are all irresistible, reveals an actress with cutting energy: Céline Groussard.

By Artus. With Artus, Clovis Cornillac, Alice Belaïdi… Duration 1h39. Released May 1, 2024

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