A new Rosemary's Baby spin-off film is coming, starring Julia Garner!

A new Rosemary's Baby spin-off film is coming, starring Julia Garner!

Roman Polanski's horror classic is getting a streaming prequel for Paramount +.

Almost 60 years later, she will succeed Mia Farrow. The excellent Julia Garner from the Serie Ozark will star in a new movie Rosemary's Baby. Title Apartment 7Ait will not be a remake of the classic Roman Polansky (released in 1968), but a prequel, whose story will take place before the events of the original film.

Apartment 7A unfolds “in 1965 in New York and tells the story before the legendary horror classic Rosemary's Baby“, explains the Paramount studio, which wants “explore what happened in the apartment before Rosemary moved ine.” The plot will therefore be centered on “a young dancer struggling after a devastating injury. She finds herself drawn to dark forces when a special elderly couple offers her a chance to become famous.

The interpreter of Ruth Langmore in Ozark and Anna Delvey in Inventing Annarecently chosen to play the Silver Surfer of the Marvel Universe, will therefore not play Rosemary Woodhouse but another character.

Dianne Wiest, Jim Sturgess, Kevin McNally, Marli Siu, Andrew Buchan, Rosy McEwen and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith will complete the cast.

Apartment 7A was made by Natalie Erika James and will be released for streaming on the Paramount+ platform this fall, before Halloween. No exact date yet.

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