A prophet: the remake series of Jacques Audiard's masterpiece is filming

A prophet: the remake series of Jacques Audiard’s masterpiece is filming

With Mamadou Sidibé and Sami Bouajila in the lead roles.

We are now sure: the series A prophet will be carried out by Enrico Maria Artaleto whom we owe Django on Canal+. And she will be taken by the comedian Mamadou Sidibe, as Malik, an incarcerated drug dealer whose upward social mobility seems unattainable. A new face to embody the new prophet of the OCS Originals series. In the original film by Jacques Audiard, notably awarded at Cannes (Grand Jury Prize) and at the Césars (best film and best director), it is Tahar Rahim who held the role. A benefit which had marked the beginning of his rise to the big leagues.

It is in a mafia clan controlled by a (rather bourgeois) segment of the local Franco-Arab community that the setting and the plot will take place, and in which Malik will meet his mentor, played by Sami Bouajila (Natives, One Son). Less a copy than a kind of mirror, the screenplay will echo the film A prophetas explained Marco Cherquithe producer of the series:

“A Prophet showed racism between Corsicans and Arabs, and the series will show a face-to-face between Arabs and Comorians.”

The prison thriller must now reinvent itself, evolve at the same pace as society, without losing its common thread. More than proposing a superfluous remake, the challenge is therefore to readapt the film into a series of 8 episodes, the shooting of which takes place between Marseille and Puglia, in its contemporary version:

“I realized that a series would be the perfect medium to revisit this story nowadays, because it allows us to diversify the points of view, to expand the intrigues of the secondary characters and to develop their journeys”, said Marco Cherqui in an interview with variety.

Associated with CPB Films and Media Musketeers Studios, part of the original team is back behind the camera, like the producer Marco Cherqui (The Savages) and screenwriters Abdel Raouf Dafri (Mesrinebraquo) And Nicolas Peufaillit (Ghosts).

The casting meanwhile is renewed but in no way loses its virility: we will find Ouassini Embarek (Athena, The Eddy), Matthew Lucci (L’Atelier, Oussekine), Faued Nabba (Valid) and Moussa Maaskri (Stillwater, The SEGPAs).

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