A serious job: Vincent Lacoste becomes a college teacher for Thomas Lilti (trailer)

A serious job: Vincent Lacoste becomes a college teacher for Thomas Lilti (trailer)

For his new film, the director of Hippocrates returns with a new subject, although ultimately in the same vein as his previous ones.

Thomas Lilti tackles a thorny new subject, the school. Or rather, those who make it possible: teachers, united and dedicated. The one who had devoted a sort of trilogy of successful films (Hippocrates, Country Doctor, First Year) to themes on the world of the hospital (which he knows very closely) takes a new turn. He detaches himself from what he considers to be the “almost infinite material for the stories of cinema and fiction” but will most certainly keep his rigor of documentation and this relationship of proximity, of transmission. Above all, this social bond that he loves so much when talking about the film: “My characters have become my patients”.

Filming everyday life, dissecting it. This is precisely the foretaste given to us by the first images of the film. We find there a group of colleagues, served by a cast of model students (Francois Cluzet, Vincent Lacoste, Adele Exarchopoulos, Louise Bourgoin…) around the plates of fries in the canteen. A not-so-friendly “staff room” atmosphere when a subtext somewhat critical of the education system and its weakened institution is guessed, a profession that is losing more and more of its passion, and its enthusiasts. One of them, Benjamin (Vincent Lacoste and his look of supervisor), has just arrived and will very quickly be confronted with the troubles of a job much more serious than we think.

“If teaching is not treating and if there is no stake of life or death, teachers are nevertheless guarantors of a universal mission: the transmission of knowledge. This responsibility, however noble and great, is too little considered today. (Thomas Lilti)

It then remains for the team to revive the vocation that had brought them. This will be carried by a casting to which we will obviously attach ourselves. Besides Vincent Lacoste, already directed twice by Lilti (in Hippocrates And First year), the director also finds François Cluzet (Doctor Jean-Pierre Werner in Country Doctor) and several actors from the series Hippocrates : Bouli Lanners, Louise Bourgoin and William Lebghil, also seen in First yearwho joined the cast of season 3. For the young Lucia Zhang (The Olympiads), it will be a first.

A serious job will be released on September 13, 2023.

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