Above all, stay well until the end of Vice-Versa 2

Above all, stay well until the end of Vice-Versa 2

The latest film from Pixar studios hides many secrets, including a tasty post-credits scene.

Vice-Versa 2, released on June 19, is a hit in cinemas. After the first adventures of Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear, he introduces new emotions, Anxiety, Boredom, Embarrassment and Envy, which turn the control center upside down while Riley dives headfirst into the sweet and serene adolescent period.

As the general public discovers this new Pixar, the quest for easter eggs – which the studio likes to sow in its productions – is intensifying and the theories are multiplying. However, many answers are already found in the film, and particularly in a post-credits scene that should not be missed.

Warning, spoilers! This article reveals important parts of the plot of Vice-Versa 2.

Remember: while they try at all costs to regain Riley’s self-esteem, falling into the limbo of her memory, Joy, Fear, Disgust and Anger are locked in a jar and stored in the vault of secrets without any prospect of escape.

But that was without counting the comrades they meet in the darkness of this prison: Bloofy, a hyperactive canine character from a young audience cartoon that Riley still loves and his Mary Poppins-style banana; Lance Slashblade, a video game character whose teenage daughter is secretly not insensitive to the charm; and also his Darkest Secret, a mysterious shadow which, after helping the emotions to escape, will voluntarily remain locked in the safe.

However, during the rest of Riley’s emotional adventures, a question remains unanswered: what is this Secret that the young girl harbors deep within herself? The rumors were rife, and in particular one fueled by a declaration of Maya Hawke, the American voice of the character Anxiety, for whom the sexual identity of the character is a matter of viewer interpretation. At the same time, Freud’s disciples also commented on it.

However, all these assumptions are actually swept away by the film’s post-credits scene. Joy, very curious to discover the true nature of Riley’s Darkest Secret, visits the enigmatic character, and discovers that it is a much less scandalous mystery than one might believe: one day, by Riley inadvertently burned the living room carpet, leaving a large hole in it. A stupidity that she never revealed to her parents and which has haunted her ever since.

This revelation leaves Joie unmoved. In fact, she even thought the Darkest Secret was something else entirely: a memory of the time Riley peed in a pool.

In short, a post-credits scene in the spirit of the film, and which underlines the proportions taken by anxieties and other so-called emotions. “negative” at adolescent age.

Vice-Versa 2 and all its secrets are currently to be discovered in cinemas.

Vice-Versa 2 and its funny nods to the first part

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