Ahsoka revives the tradition of Star Wars super creatures

Ahsoka revives the tradition of Star Wars super creatures

The Loth-cat seen in the first episodes is as cute as Baby Yoda. But not only: it is also directly linked to the Force.

Since the beginning of the saga Star Wars, audiences get to meet all kinds of creatures, some of which are some of the cutest in the galaxy. After meeting Grogu, aka Baby Yoda, in The Mandalorianfans of the franchise have recently discovered in live action the Loth-Cats, felines from the planet Lothal, in symbiosis with their place of life.

Animals that aren’t just there to be “kawaii” and sell stuffed animals with their effigy (even if we have no doubt that this strategy will bear fruit): well known to fans of the animated series Rebelsthese Loth-cats come from the planet where Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) lives, where Ahsoka (Rosario Dawson) joins her from episode 1 of series which just debuted on Disney+.

In Rebelswhich recounts the youth of this heroine alongside Ezra Bridger, the Loth-cats are at the heart of their Jedi training.
Understanding that there is a connection between these animals and their place of life, Ezra tries to create this kind of bond with one of them. He fails at first, too impatient, but by observing the behavior of this creature, it helps him little by little to understand how the Force works. And therefore to become powerful enough and attuned to his environment to defend himself against the soldiers of the Empire.

We are not there yet Ahsoka, but the presence of a Loth-cat, which we guess is sensitive to Sabine’s torments when he starts to growl at a card she has just picked up, suggests that as in the animated series, these creatures will hold a place important in later history. Will there also be Lot-wolves, as in Rebels ?

Answer in the rest of the series, whose 8 episodes will be broadcast in dribs and drabs on Wednesdays.

How not to make Baby Yoda “too” cute?

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