House of the Dragon, season 2: which team really deserves the throne?

Did George RR Martin contribute to House of the Dragon season 2?

The author of the novels was less involved than for the first, the showrunner reveals.

House of the Dragon, it's also his baby. Author of the book Fire & Blood who inspired the new series in Westeros, George RR Martin had largely participated in the development of the spin-off three years ago.

“We have known each other very well for a long time. He worked a lot initially on the conception of the series, to determine what the series was going to be. We wrote a bible together,” tells us the showrunner Ryan Condal. But the screenwriter in charge immediately admits that Martin was much less present in the upcoming season 2.

He's a very busy person. He's still writing his books, he's working on the other spin-offs of Game Of Thrones…So he did not participate daily in production” he explains. “On the other hand, we sent him all the scripts. He visited the sets and we are already discussing season 3. But afterward, he trusts me to move forward with his story…”

Season 2 of House of the Dragon will be released next Monday June 17 in France, on the Max platform.

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