Louise Bourgoin calls on a Medium (trailer)

Louise Bourgoin calls on a Medium (trailer)

And Noémie Lvovsky comes to haunt her son in this funny comedy about mourning.

Michael accumulates worries. He accepts neither his breakup nor the legacy of his recently deceased mother: the gift of communicating with the dead.

Overwhelmed by his grief, he refuses to assume his vocation as a Medium. But his meeting with Alicia, a young charismatic artist convinced of the presence of her deceased husband, will push him to change his mind…

Spotted thanks to his short film Calm downselected for the 2015 Filmmakers’ Fortnight, Emmanuel Laskar move on with The Medium, a romantic comedy set against a very serious subject: death. When his mother disappears, it's a disaster for his character, Michael, who despite himself agrees to use his gifts as a medium to help Alice (Louise Bourgoin), whose husband has just drowned. We understand in this trailer that among the beings who haunt the protagonist, there is his mother, played by Noémie Lvovsky, and that he has just separated from his partner (Maud Wyler).

“With The MediumI wanted to explore our relationship with the dead, in a tragicomic romance, explains the director, co-writer and main actor in his note of intent. It's an absurd comedy where the ghosts are more alive than the living. Everything takes place in a melancholic universe where the characters feel very alone, and are caught at the same time in burlesque situations that are beyond them. They are sensitive characters, who are always one step behind what is happening to them. Faced with loss and mourning, they lock themselves into denial. They are both obsessed with the past and carried away by their desire. Their attraction to each other will draw them toward life and force them to make peace with their ghosts.”

The Medium is expected in theaters on July 10.

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