Ahsoka: the new trailer reveals the return of Admiral Thrawn

Ahsoka: the new trailer reveals the return of Admiral Thrawn

“We are not Jedi”. Thrawn and his disciples from the Empire are about to set off again to conquer the galaxy far, far away.

Once a rebel, always a rebel.” Hera Syndulla announces the color (green) in the new trailer for the series Ahsoka from Disney Plus (below). Embodied in flesh and blood for the first time in the universe Star Warsby actress Mary Elizabeth Winsteadthe character of Rebels will be one of the leading figures of the rebellion that will rise up against Admiral Thrawn, back in the Galaxy far, far away. Who ?

Thrawn was the main villain of the animated series Rebelsof which Ahsoka will be the direct sequel. Rosario Dawson will return in the skin of the Jedi, Anakin’s last Padawan before he switches to the dark side. “In the aftermath of the fall of the Empire, the former Jedi knight will investigate this threat that could upset the fragile balance of a still vulnerable galaxy..” announce synopsis. Palpatine’s followers are still numerous and ready to follow the evil blue Admiral, who will be embodied by Lars Mikkelsen and who makes his first appearance in “live action” in this trailer.

Logically, we will find plenty of characters from Rebels in the series Ahsoka, which premieres August 23 on Disney Plus. And diehard fans of Star Wars fingers crossed that Ezra Bridger, the hero of Rebels who had sacrificed himself by projecting Thrawn to the edge of space with him – in the finale of the animated series – makes a surprise comeback in the saga at the same time as the Admiral…

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