In the shadow of the Magnolias: this shock which should upset season 4

In the shadow of the Magnolias: this shock which should upset season 4

Actress JoAnna Garcia Swisher confides.

Unlike its first two seasons, Season 3 of In the shade of Magnolias didn’t end on any major cliffhangers. In fact, Dana Sue and Ronnie’s vow renewal ceremony could practically be the series finale… Spoiler alert!

But a few questions still remain unanswered for a possible season 4. Maddie and Cal get engaged. Helen and Erik reunite. Ty and Annie finally try. And above all, half of the characters in the series still do not know that they are linked to Isaac!

Last season revealed that Isaac’s biological father is none other than Bill Townsend (Chris Klein), who is now Ty, Kyle and Katie’s half-brother, as well as Noreen’s baby. But all this little world is still in the unknown. Not for long at first sight.

JoAnna Garcia Swisher (aka Maddie) reveals to TVLine that Season 4 of In the shade of Magnoliass will drop the bomb:

“That’s going to be a big deal. We didn’t really get into that story at the end of the season, because it was a very celebratory time obviously. But when Bill walks away, there’s this realization that there are so many things she will have to explain to her children…”

Even though Maddie”tired of justifying himself for Bill“, the actress acknowledges that her character is in a no-win situation here. “At the end of the day, whether you want to ignore the issue or not, your kids will still be affected. There’s just a lot of emotion that’s going to come out of this, whether she wants to or not.”

It remains to wait for Netflix to order this fourth season of Sweet Magnolias.

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