The Big Bang Theory is not over!  A Young Sheldon sequel is coming

The Big Bang Theory is not over! A Young Sheldon sequel is coming

The spin-off about little Sheldon Cooper ends. But it will be replaced by a new derivative dedicated to Geogie, its big brother, in Texas.

Seventeen years after its creation, The Big Bang Theory continues his adventure on the small American screen. The spin-off Young Sheldon will end this year, with season 7 which will be broadcast this winter and until spring. But this conclusion of the adventures of the little genius will not mark the end of the saga.

A new spin-off, this time focusing on two other characters from Texas, is in preparation for the next school year. This new series will be dedicated to Sheldon’s older brother and his fiancée, aka Georgie Cooper and Mandy McAllister.

A priori, Montana Jordan And Emily Osment should come back to play the two young people who have just had a baby in Young Sheldon. The deals are still being discussed, but the producers of the franchise Big Bang TheoryChuck Lorre, Steve Holland and Steve Molaro, will be back at the helm to write this still untitled project.

The Georgie spin-off will have 13 episodes in a sitcom format closer to The Big Bang Theory (with live filming and other recorded laughter) and it should be integrated into the schedule for the 2024-2025 season.

Also note that this spin-off of Young Sheldon is different from the spin-off of Big Bang Theory announced last year and about which we don’t know much yet. In any case, the Sheldon Cooper saga still has a bright future ahead of it.

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