Alienoid - the protectors of the future: a funny Korean SF blockbuster (review)

Alienoid – the protectors of the future: a funny Korean SF blockbuster (review)

Between an unbridled version of Avengers and a family Wuxia, Alienoid paves the way for an intriguing Korean franchise

A real phenomenon in South Korea, Alienoid has been available on VOD since the end of February and is arriving in French cinemas for a weekend. Exploding the famous traditional media chronology, this release strategy adopted by certain distributors for some Asian blockbusters allows two things. First to see if there is an audience for this type of film and, sometimes, to create an event and pave the way for a franchise. This is the case here since Alienoid 2already in the box, is announced for July in French cinemas.

Once this is established, what exactly is it about? The saga is based on an original SF concept. If we have followed closely, for hundreds of years, extraterrestrials have locked their prisoners in the bodies of certain humans. Obviously, people are never aware of being “inhabited” by a criminal alien, and sometimes some “inmates” escape. A robot has the function of monitoring the prisoners and travels through time and space to ensure order. Until the day when the ETs launch a Maousse offensive on earth. The guardian of order will not get out of this alone. But centuries before, a fighter and a monk traveled the country in search of the first Alien. The three of them might be able to stop the massacre…

Just by reading this pitch you will have understood that everything is not very clear in this story. But that's not really what filmmaker Choi Dong-hoon is looking for. Jumping from the Middle Ages to the present day, it follows the destiny of a few humans, the clash between men and extraterrestrials and above all the quest for alien zero. Both pure wuxia (sword film) and SF delirium which clearly looks towards the Avengers and the contemporary obsession with kaijus, techno-futurist blockbuster and kung fu comedy, Alienoid is a cocktail that quickly destroys its fireworks arsenal and its contagious madness. It's kitsch, full of visual ideas, and always fun.

Alienoid: protectors of the future by Choi Dong-hoon is in theaters Sunday March 31 and Monday April 1. It is also available on VOD on Première Max.

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