All Inclusive or the sinking of the duo Fabien Onteniente / Franck Dubosc

All Inclusive or the sinking of the duo Fabien Onteniente / Franck Dubosc

The creators of Camping missed their shot.

All Inclusive, released in cinemas in February 2019, will return tonight on TF1. Program this summer comedy produced by Fabien Onteniente and carried by Frank Duboscthe winning duo of Campingin the middle of summer is on paper a good idea, but the film did not please the editors of First. Here’s our review, originally posted when it was released.

An all-inclusive holiday club is the prospect of not having to worry about anything: accommodation, travel, food, entertainment and drinks, everything is included. No supplement. No surprises on arrival. In short, the ideal option for those who play it safe and want to tire as little as possible. All Inclusive, Fabien Onteniente’s film leaves us with the same impression. In this sense, it is a success! But the director seems to have tried to put in a formula all the ingredients of past successes, including his own.

We summarize the beginning of the spoiler-free plot: Bruno has to go on vacation with his fiancée (Maïwenn has gone discreetly hiding) but she realizes at the airport that her passport has expired and dumps her half. “Dirty Whore”, let loose Balasko as a tourist spectator, planting there her character of a vulgar shrew eager for encounters. Very quickly, Bruno is stuck by a strange guy in a parka, Jean-Paul Cisse (yes, it’s a pun on the pope), who is forcibly embedded in his bridal bungalow. The principle of the ill-matched duo, the eternal spring of comedy, is laid down. A hint ofpain in the ass, a bit of Goat and even a few pickets Camping don’t matter. Mayonnaise does not take. The invasive type that rots the life of the normal type, we have already seen it a thousand times. A thousand times too, Franck Dubosc (oh yes, we forgot to tell you, Jean-Paul Cisse) flogged himself (yes, we also use Christian metaphors) as a loser seducer. He is co-author of the screenplay, let’s not forget that. This time he really gets naked. Literally. There was Patrick Chirac’s underpants in Campingthere is Jean-Paul Cisse’s no slip in All Inclusive.

In addition to the jokes on the physique, we have the right to a few pearls on the farts in the swimming pool, the divorced women and the old people. But the bulk of the valves focuses on the greed of each other. For Onteniente, the “all-inclusive” is synonymous with tourists who pounce on the food, the drinks and a manager who wants to rip them off. He comes back to it often.

The most embarrassing is undoubtedly the reference to tannedof which All Inclusive would be the spiritual son. Josiane Balasko (who plays a character between Nathalie des tanned and Frede of drunken night) and Thierry Lhermitte (from GO, he became club manager) find their habits but everything rings false. Starting with the reunion scene which is meant to be a wink: “Haven’t we already met somewhere the two of you?” “At another club?” (hahaha!)

In short, sloppy script, dialogues not worked, actors in overplay, badly licked image, this All Inclusive got it all figured out. And to think that the film is released on 610 prints in France, 80 less than the Disney in February (Ralph 2.0), so that at the holiday buffet, the adults have no choice but to dive.

Camping 4 could finally see the light of day

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