Oppenheimer/Barbie: two free documentaries to watch before the release

All the records broken by Barbie and Oppenheimer at the box office

It was very real: the “Barbenheimer” phenomenon crushes everything in its path!

The first numbers are in and they are incredibly impressive. Barbie won 155 million dollars this weekend in the United States, allowing Greta Gerwig to break the record for the best overseas launch for a director. With an additional $182 million overseas, Barbie has already grossed $337 million for Warner Bros. ! The strongest thing is that, at the same time, Oppenheimer also a hit: 80.5 million dollars on the American market and an additional 93.7 million dollars abroad, or 173 million dollars in revenue for the biopic at the global box office.

Never before in the history of Hollywood films have two films debuted so strongly together across the Atlantic, opening to over $100 million for one and $50 million for the other.

The “Barbenheimer” phenomenon totaled more than 511 million dollars in revenue (including 235.5 million dollars at the US box office) between them, in a few days of operation.

Even more, this weekend, for all the movies theatrically in the United States have accumulated $ 301.6 million in revenue. It’s only the fourth time in the industry that the US box office has passed $300 million. This is simply the biggest weekend in US theaters since Spider-Man: No Way Home ($281.8 million) in 2019, and the largest since the pandemic.

Barbie thus achieved the biggest launch of 2023 so far, beating Super Mario Bros.. and its $146.4 million for its first weekend.

Barbie also broke Warner Bros.’ record for biggest pre-sales. with $49.5 million.

Barbie is also the studio’s best launch for a movie that isn’t a sequel or a DC movie (That held the record with $123.4 million).

Barbie also has the best launch for a film released in July, which is not a sequel or remake (beating the $104 million of like beasts in 2016).

Barbie also broke Margot Robbie’s record at the US box office and worldwide (which was Suicide Squad).

Barbie also broke Ryan Gosling’s record at the US box office and worldwide (which was blade runner 2049).

Barbie finally makes the biggest big opening weekend for a movie based on a toy (beating Transformers: Dark of the Moon and its $115.9 million).

On his side, Oppenheimer becomes the biggest international launch in history for a biopic, surpassing Bohemian Rhapsody ($124 million).

Oppenheimer is also the biggest international launch for a drama since 2019 (beating Creed III and its $100.2 million).

Finally, Oppenheimer achieves the best opening for an R-rated film this year (beating John Wick: Chapter 4 and its $73.8 million).

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