Asterix: finally a date for Alain Chabat's animated series on Netflix

Asterix: finally a date for Alain Chabat’s animated series on Netflix

It is produced by the studio behind Les Aces de la jungle.

Since February 2022, we have known thatAlain Chabat working on an adaptation of the Asterix album The Battle of the Chefspublished in 1966. An animated series in 5 30-minute episodes that the director of Cleopatra Mission, recently released in 4K, written with Benoît Oullion (Burger Quiz) and Piano (Pierre-Alain Bloch, from Have you ever seen…?). But to discover it, you will have to be more patient…

In the middle of a crowd of announcements around the 65th birthday of the famous Gallic hero (including a new attraction for the Asterix Park, The Tower of Numérobis), Éditions Albert René have revealed a date, or rather a slot, for the release of this expected creation on Netflix. It will be in the first half of 2025.”It’s the first time we’ve worked on something this big, because it’s still 5 times 30 minutes“, warned Chabat last year. “We work with absolutely legendary people in animation.”

This is the Toulouse studio TAT, particularly known for Aces of the Jungle, which produces this animated series adapted from the comic book by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. Here is its synopsis:

“Panoramix loses his marbles after accidentally receiving a menhir on his head, sent by Obélix! A catastrophe, which makes him forget the recipe for the magic potion… right at the moment when Abraracourcix, the leader of the indomitable Gauls, sees himself challenged by an opponent, Aplusbegalix.”

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