Asterix – The Secret of the Magic Potion: It’s a cartoon! (Review)

Asterix – The Secret of the Magic Potion: It’s a cartoon! (Review)

Four years after The Land of the Gods, Astier and Clichy confirm their mastery of the Asterix universe. Effective. And to be seen again on W9 this Monday at 9:10 p.m.

Last month, Alain Chabat presented the first images of his adaptation for Netflix ofAsterix: The Battle of the Chiefs. While waiting for 2025 and the broadcast of these five thirty-minute episodes, W9 is dedicating this Monday evening of vacation to Secret of the magic potionsecond adaptation of the work of Uderzo and Goscinny by the duo Alexandre Astier/Louis Clichy. A feat of animation that was convincing. First when it was released (2018), even if we still prefer it The Domain of the Gods (2014).

Alexandre Astier: “The soul of Asterix is ​​something fragile”

By all accounts (from critics to rights holders), Asterix – The Estate gods was the best adaptation of the adventures of the little Gaul – with Mission Cleopatra ofAlain Chabat. Eternal fan, practically the repository of “Goscinnian” humor throughout Kaamelott, Alexandre Astier had succeeded in his coup by remaining faithful to the universe while appropriating it and anchoring it in modernity: gone are the old flat cartoons, replaced by dynamic 3D respecting the curves of Uderzo’s line. With The Secret of the Magic PotionAstier and his accomplice Louis Clichy are taking a new step forward, this time telling an original story that irresistibly evokes an Asterix adventure. The hero is Panoramix who, handicapped after a fall, sets out in search of a successor capable of reproducing the magic potion. Does that ring a bell? The Battle of the Chiefsfor example, where Panoramix has lost his mind and therefore the recipe for the drink. Sulfurix, the evil druid here rival of Panoramix, is reminiscent of Prolix (aka the Soothsayer from the eponymous album). Astier juggles with the universe with his eyes closed, even allowing himself crossovers with The Lord of the Rings (the white druid and the gray druid) or with The Iron Giant (the spectacular final battle). Funny, exhilarating at times, this episode demonstrates proven know-how that perhaps lacks a spark of… magic.

Louis Clichy: The secret ingredient of the latest Asterix

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