Hunter Schafer Would Love to Star in a Movie With Emma D'Arcy

Hunter Schafer Would Love to Star in a Movie With Emma D’Arcy

“If it’s a vampire story, that would be really cool,” enthuses the Euphoria actress, in the middle of promoting the indie horror film Cuckoo.

They are two of the most popular artists of the moment who gravitate in the HBO sphere. One made her name in the pop hit of Sam Levinson, Euphoriawhich she shares the bill with Zendaya ; the other is the star of the spin-off of Game Of Thrones, House of the Dragonwhose season 2 is currently being broadcast by the network.

But beyond their television successes, and as a trans woman and non-binary person, Hunter Schafer And Emma D’Arcy are also two standard-bearers of the LGBTQA+ movement, just likeEmma Corrin (The Crown), Bella Ramsey (The Last of Us) or Indya Moore (Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom). A rapprochement that generates a lot of enthusiasm within their fan communities, to the point of fantasizing about a potential collaboration.

One tweet, in particular, caught the attention of The Standardwhich imagines a vampire romantic comedy with the two artists as protagonists:

After Euphoria’s Success, Hunter Schafer No Longer Wants to Play Transgender Roles

Asked to react to this publication by the British media, Hunter Schafer did not hide her admiration for the interpreter of Rhaenyra Targaryen:

“That would be really cool. Oh, my God, yes. I don’t think I’ve ever met Emma in real life, but I’ve seen this stuff on the internet. I think it was in the early days of House of the dragon. People confuse us, we have very similar faces. If it’s a vampire story, that would be really cool. I think we could play siblings.”

For the actress, the representation of trans-identity or non-binarity on television or in cinema is a fight that she intends to continue to lead, even if she recently stated that she no longer wants to be entrusted with roles of trans women only:

“It’s very important to me and it’s part of the reason why I continue to follow this path, professionally, she says. I’m happy to contribute to it, but I’m also very happy to see that other people in my community are carving out a space for us in the media. It’s very important to me.

I feel like the universe has given me these opportunities and I’ve been given the opportunity to take them because it’s something I can bring to the world.”

A career full of opportunities that could take a completely different turn, because when asked to confess his biggest dream, Schafer answers:

“Making a film. It’s something I want to aim for. It’s a position that you have to earn. I want to be someone who can do something that powerful one day.”

In the meantime, Hunter Schafer is gradually making a place for himself in the very conservative circles of the Hollywood industry. After his role as Jules in Euphoriashe was once again in the spotlight as Tigris Snow in Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Serpent and the Songbird. This year, she made a brief appearance in the Kinds of Kindness of Yorgos Lanthimosand she is currently in the middle of promoting Cuckoothe horror film in which she plays, for the first time, the title role.

“I was nervous when I arrived because I had never played the main character before. It’s a lot of pressure and a lot of work. Especially when you consider that I had only worked on Euphoria before that, in a world where I felt comfortable that I had to leave behind to dive into a new universe with new people. I said to myself: ‘Oh my God, am I going to be able to do this?’ It was almost something I had to prove to myself.”

Produced by Emma Stonedirected by Tilman Singer, Cuckoo presents itself as an heir to the classics of body horror, a genre that Hunter Schafer particularly appreciates:

“​​I grew up loving horror. I have a very special relationship with this genre. At one point in my life, I watched nothing else. However, I wasn’t necessarily looking to play in a horror film: this script found me and I loved it.”

No French release date for Cuckoo which will be released in the United States on August 9, and here is the trailer:

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