Bad faith, by Roschdy Zem, is a success (critic)

Bad faith, by Roschdy Zem, is a success (critic)

See you again this evening on television.

This evening, Arte will rebroadcast Bad faiththe first film directed by Roschdy Zem. The pitch? Clara and Ishmaël live a happy love, without worrying about the fact that she is Jewish and he is Muslim. But when she is pregnant, the reactions of those around them change the situation.

In the casting, we therefore find Roschdy Zemsurrounded by Cécile of France, Pascal Elbé, Jean-Pierre Cassel And Leila Bekhti.

César 2020: the consecration of Roschdy Zem, best actor for Roubaix, a light

What did he think First in 2006 ? “Surfing with skillful lightness on the harsh issues of the time (return of religion, vociferous communitarianism), Bad Faith fixes the disagreements interfering within the couple, skilfully drags on the side of the secondary characters, concocts nicely tense micro-suspenses around the contradictions of each. Even if the staging sometimes lacks invention, the intelligent efficiency of the script, the quiet audacity of the filmmaker and the contagious good humor of the whole make Bad Faith one of the significant successes of the moment. Quickly, the rest.”

Trailer for Bad faith :

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