Barbie 2: a spin-off around Ken is already in development

Barbie 2: a spin-off around Ken is already in development

What if Barbie had babies? The huge expected success of the film carried by Margot Robbie would already give ideas to Warner Bros.

It hasn’t even been released in theaters yet. Barbie is already being emulated… The buzz surrounding Greta Gerwig’s film is such that the Warner Bros. studio. already considering extending the adventure. Barbie 2 could take the form of a spin-off, a film centered around Ken, the character played by Ryan Gosling.

Nothing official yet, but the World of Reel site assures that this Ken movie is already “in development” within the studio and that Ryan Gosling would potentially be back in the role of the doll man. It must be said that the first critics are already applauding his performance…

For now, the project is only in the early stages of production and it is not yet known who would be invited to direct this sequel. Greta Gerwig would she like to come back?

What is certain is that Barbie is about to experience a candy pink success at the box office and it could even be the hit of the summer. Barbie is expected to gross between $80 million and $100 million in its opening weekend in the United States (according to early estimates). A huge hit, against huge competition (Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan will be released the same day) which would inevitably give ideas to Warner Bros.

The film Barbie will be released in France on July 19 at the cinema.

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