Barbie still does not give up its first place at the French box office

Barbie still does not give up its first place at the French box office

Oppenheimer also maintains her position just behind Greta Gerwig’s film. (Source: French Film)

Since their release on July 19, the French box office rankings have lacked a bit of suspense. Barbie And Oppenheimer still remain in the lead, with 450,250 and 331,457 new admissions respectively this week. In total, they accumulate 4.9 and 3.6 million after 5 weeks in theaters. This time again, they don’t give newcomers a chance.

If in the United States, Barbie lost its first place, in France, the reign continues. Last week, Greta Gerwig’s film entered the top 3 of 2023, but still failed to pass Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom and its 4.6 million tickets sold. It is now done. Now, if the doll wants to generate the biggest success of the year in cinema, it will have to do better than Super Mario Bros. (7.2 million).

Among the cooler releases, Jungle Bunch 2 is the one that does the best. Taking third place in its first week, the animated film recorded 262,703 tickets sold (including previews). It’s better than the previous part, which started with 228,475 admissions in 2017.

Just behind, we find Blue Beetle, also released last Wednesday with 239,733 admissions. Gran Turismo loses speed: its attendance fell by 39% during this second week in theaters. The film starring Orlando Bloom and David Harbour, with its 233,310 new admissions, is closely followed by the action thriller In very troubled waters (232,543).

Ninja Turtles: Teenage Years is also losing ground, and is now in seventh position with 134,166 new entries. mission impossible 7 And Elementary are neck and neck, and maintain their summer 2023 hit status. Finally, the comedy The jokes of Toto 2: green class finds its place in the last position of this top 10, with 81,275 new tickets sold.

French weekly box office from August 16 to 22:

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