Barry Keoghan almost died before filming The Banshees of Inisherin

Barry Keoghan almost died before filming The Banshees of Inisherin

The actor fell victim to a flesh-eating bacteria that threatened to cause his right arm to be amputated.

No, it’s not swallowing bath water Jacob Elordi In Saltburn who almost attempted the life of Barry Keoghan. Barry Keoghan recalls near-fatal battle with illness just before filming The Banshees of Inisherin.

The star of Saltburn narrowly avoided amputation, following a diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis, just before starting work on the film that ultimately earned him an Oscar nomination. In an interview for the cover of GQ in February, the actor said he had recovered from the flesh-eating infection, a few days before filming the feature film Martin McDonagh in 2022.

Barry Keoghan explains in his interview that one in five cases is fatal. He remembers asking the doctors: “But I’m not going to die, am I?” and the medical team told him: “We do not know.”

For a time, amputation was seriously considered.

Martin McDonagh had visited Barry Keoghan at the hospital before filming for the Irish audiovisual fable began. The filmmaker remembers the lightness of the future Oscar nominee:

I don’t know if he was taking a lot of medication, but he seemed to shrug his shoulders. His arm was swollen. But he told me: ‘Yes, no, it’ll be fine, see you on Tuesday!'”

As he clearly states in the interview, Barry Keoghan curiously has the habit of combining his personal situations with filming. When carrying out Saltburn In 2021, his then-girlfriend Alyson Sandro gave birth to their son, Brando.

It was probably the best time of my life, to be completely fair. Having a little boy and making a film. It was the best time of my life.

A true rising Hollywood star, Barry Keoghan pays particular attention to his projects. He quitted Gladiator 2 of Ridley Scott to turn to opportunities close to her Irish roots, notably with the British director Andrea Arnold on the drama film Bird.

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