Bertrand Mandico will host a special show on France 2 around his Conann

Bertrand Mandico will host a special show on France 2 around his Conann

The director of After Blue and Conann will present three new short films linked to his latest film.

If you are a fan of cosmico-mystical audiovisual experiences, do not miss under any circumstances The show has already starteda special program presented by the filmmaker Bertrand Mandicowhich will be broadcast on France 2 this Sunday December 17, 2023 at 12:50 a.m., according to THE Inrocks. His latest film Conanna hallucinatory and experimental trip reworking the myth of Conan the Barbarian in a feminine way, is currently in cinemas and will be the cornerstone of its television program.

Indeed, the director will present in his show three new short films, two of which belong to the universe of Conann. Rainer, The Vicious Dog in a Skull Valley who is interested in the character of the demon dog played by Elina Lowensohn and present in the feature film. It will be followed by We, Barbariansa kind of making of meta of Conann in which the viewer is guided by four actresses in the psychedelic settings of the shoot. This television event will conclude with The Last Cartoonwhich is neither more nor less than the Apocalypse according to Mandico.

The trailer for this program clearly reflects the filmmaker’s ambitions for artistic deconstruction. The essayist and critic Pacôme Thiellement states in the video the director’s wish “to poison the antenna by injecting barbaric films.” So if you are seized by a crazy desire for chaos and epiphany, The show has already started of Bertrand Mandico will be broadcast on Sunday December 17, 2023 at 12:50 a.m.

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