James Gunn says Nicholas Hoult "will be a unique and unforgettable Lex Luthor"

James Gunn says Nicholas Hoult “will be a unique and unforgettable Lex Luthor”

The actor is confirmed in the cast of Superman: Legacy, alongside David Corenswet.

It’s official : Nicolas Hoult will play Lex Luthor, the legendary supervillain and nemesis of Clark Kent in Superman: Legacy. James Gunnboth director of the film and co-director of DC Studio, formalized the presence of Nicolas Hoult in a post on Instagram. “Yes, I can finally answer, Nicholas Hoult is Lex Luthor in #SupermanLegacy and I couldn’t be happier. We went to dinner last night to celebrate and discuss how we can create a Lex that will be unique and unforgettable”, he writes.

The filmmaker even anticipates messages from fans regarding rumors regarding the actor in the role of Lex Luthor: “’But, James, we found out weeks ago, why didn’t you tell us it was true?’ Because even though we talked about it, it wasn’t final until a few days ago and I don’t want to tell you all something that isn’t certain”, he specifies.

Nicholas Hoult has already proven his acting versatility and his capacity for metamorphosis since he played Hank McCoy aka The Beast in the films X-Mena completely crazy War Boy in Mad Max: Fury Roada lover of gastronomy in The Menu or Dracula’s valet in comedy Renfield. He is capable of adapting to very different genres and his version of Lex Luthor will carry the legacy of great actors who have interpreted him before him as Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey Or Jesse Eisenberg. For several decades now, villains have become audiences’ favorite characters, as evidenced by the success of Jokerand we will see if his performance as Lex Luthor contributes to the revival of the DCU that James Gunn strives to put it in place.

Indeed, the director recently presented his new extended universe strategy for the DC house, making a clean slate. Aquaman 2 will be the last film of the pre-Gunn era, which will be started by the animated series Creature Commandos in 2025. Several series projects will follow, until the release of Superman: Legacy which will be the first film of this new narrative phase. David Corenswet will wear the Man of Steel costume and cape and will be revealed to the world on July 9, 2025.

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