Blacklist: how does the series end?

Blacklist: how does the series end?

How did Raymond Reddington end up after a decade? The last episode of the series aired last night on American TV.

After 10 seasons and 218 episodes, Red has finally finished its list! Series Blacklist, started in 2013, ended last night on American TV, with the broadcast of the final in two parts. A finale soberly titled: “Raymond Reddington”. So what conclusion awaited the character played by James Spader ? The answer below, if you don’t want to wait for the broadcast in France, soon on TF1…
Warning big spoilers!

The last operation of the Task Force was marked by the face to face between Red and Hudson. As the politician shot Dembe, seriously injuring him in the neck, Red got angry and stuck a bullet in his head. Then, he transported his friend for treatment, donated his blood and was able to save his life. Except that Red is now hunted by the Task Force and therefore had to flee. Agent Nixon gave chase, announcing that he would shoot him on sight. But Red has already flown to Spain, to Villa Lobo side in Andalucia, where a friend named Angela helped him recover. But he suffers from an (unknown) disease which seems to condemn him in the long term. After spending some time in peace in this corner of paradise, in a great moment of nostalgia, Red finally chose the ultimate escape: his death.

Going for a walk on the side of the famous ranch of Miura, he crosses a bull which looks at him with insistence. Red steps forward, fearless, doesn’t look away. And when the animal begins its charge, Red smiles and stays put, not moving. Moments later, an FBI helicopter arrives on the scene to arrest him. But Red is dead. He lies bloodied in this Andalusian field, visibly trampled by the bull.

At the end of Blacklist, Red dies. There is not the slightest doubt. As for the Task Force, it is assumed that it has been disbanded. The Attorney General chose not to press charges against Dembe for helping Red escape, but he was fired from the Office. The End.

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