Bruce Almighty or the comic power of Jim Carrey (review)

Bruce Almighty or the comic power of Jim Carrey (review)

Tonight, Première recommends Bruce Almighty to you.

Bruce Nolan is perpetually dissatisfied. And yet, his life seems ideal. Reporter for a Buffalo television station, he is very famous and is loved by a very pretty young woman, Grace. Nothing goes well when he gets kicked off his channel after a car accident. Very angry, he becomes angry with God, whom he blames for all his misfortunes. The divine ear takes note and takes human form to descend to Earth. God challenges the reporter: he gives him his powers for a week and tasks Bruce with doing better than him. If he fails, there will be chaos on Earth.

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What happens when you leave the powers of an omnipotent god in the hands of someone as uncontrollable as Jim Carrey ? This is the subject of this Bruce Almighty in which the actor finds for the third time Tom Shadyacwho had already immortalized some of his most famous gags in Ace Ventura And Liar, liar.

Always at the top in his register, he is however in competition here for one scene by a still little-known actor in the role of his rival Evan Baxter: Steve Carellwhose performance will earn him his own spin-off, the much less recommendable Evan Almighty. Huge success across the world, Bruce Almighty attracted 2.7 million spectators in theaters in France upon its release in 2003 and raked in nearly $500 million in revenue worldwide.

First was won over by the performance of the star, who carries the film thanks to his unrivaled talent for comedy: “Even though most of the gags are in the trailer, (…) Carrey's comedic power is a spectacle that fans can't get enough of.”

In 2022, two of its screenwriters, Steven Koren and Mark O'Keefla, revealed that the star would have liked to continue the adventure, after having laughed a lot upon discovering their pitch “Brucifer”in which his character would then have met not God, but Lucifer, to grant his dearest wishes: “(With this idea, we did) afraid of the studio, but not of Jim, who totally understood that we were going to make a big comedy from this, and who believed in the fact that the public could adhere to this concept. He even collapsed in laughter while looking for a way to bring Grace back. He was laughing because we had the idea of ​​making her come back as Jennifer Aniston, but he told us: 'No, she has to come back as a zombie! Then little by little, we restore its beauty.' We thought it was brilliant.”

Bruce Almighty will be broadcast this evening at 9:05 p.m. on TFX.

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