Cailee Spaeny discusses Alien: Romulus and Ripley's Legacy

Cailee Spaeny discusses Alien: Romulus and Ripley's Legacy

“We had the same team that worked on Aliens (1986),” reveals the actress about the VFX of this sequel, while recalling how “iconic” and unbeatable Sigourey Weaver is.

Alien: Romulus of Fed Alvarezpromises an anthology face to face with the foaming-mouthed Xenomorph. Cailee Spaenyrising Hollywood star, seen in Priscilla in the title role, but also starring in the next film byAlex Garland, Civil War, is now preparing to dabble in science fiction with this next episode. The 25-year-old actress will play the main role, that of Raines. The plot lies between Alien, the eighth passenger (available on FirstMax) And Aliens, the return (available on FirstMax), thus paying homage to the work of Ridley Scott And James Cameronwho also dubbed the new feature film.

We used practical effects. We had the same team working on Aliens (1986). They all came back. They were ready to make the Xenomorph. This is a creature they have so much love for. We had puppeteers working on the Facehugger look (larval creature that clings to the face). So, having seen that, it seemed very realistic“, tell Cailee Spaeny has Total Film.

In the new trailer, Raines holds a rifle, a reference to Ripley's unforgettable climax (Sigourney Weaver) In Aliens.

I had to turn my brain off, because I was in: 'Wow, it's beautiful. Ooh, you put Giger's skull…' I had to turn off. It was really scary. We placed it between the first film and the second, and we wondered 'How could this be the heir to both films?' So we have these intense moments, but also the horror, of course.

Next to Cailee Spaenythe film's cast also includes David Jonsson Fray (Rye Lane), Archie Renaux (Shadow, Bone) And Isabela Merced (Madame Web). The fine team will play a group of young space colonizers, trapped by monstrous entities overlooking an abandoned space station.

This new sequel coincides with the arrival of a series Alien created and produced by Noah Hawley (Fargo, Legion) with Sydney Chandler (Don't Worry Darling) as revealed Collider last January.

Alien: Romulus will be released on August 16, 2024, here is the trailer :

Fede Alvarez had the idea for Alien: Romulus in front of the long version of Aliens, by James Cameron

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