Camille Cottin and Benoît Magimel track down slaves in the trailer for Ni Chaînes Ni Maîtres

Camille Cottin and Benoît Magimel track down slaves in the trailer for Ni Chaînes Ni Maîtres

The first film by Simon Moutaïrou, screenwriter of Boîte Noire, will be released in cinemas on September 18.

“1759. Isle de France (current Mauritius). Massamba and Mati, slaves on Eugène Larcenet’s plantation, live in fear and toil. He dreams of his daughter being freed, she of leaving the green hell of sugar cane. ​One night, she runs away. Madame La Victoire, famous slave hunter, is hired to track her down. Massamba has no choice but to escape as well. By this act, he becomes a “maroon”, a fugitive who breaks forever with the colonial order.”

Telling of a hunt more than a beautiful escape, No Chains No Masters places itself in the lineage of productions (especially American) which dare to look the horror of slavery in the face, such as Roots, Mandingo, Friendship, The Birth of a Nation (2016) or the very Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave. French cinema shunned this genre for a long time, preferring more frivolous treatments (as in Starting point). Here, the brutality of the colon is not sanitized; the film is told through the prism of the one who suffers, and the one-and-a-half-minute trailer is enough to grasp the extent of the violence that the viewer will be confronted with in front of this film.

No Chains No Master is the first film of Simon Moutairou as a director, he who generally puts his pen at the service of others. He thus wrote or collaborated in the writing of Naughty ofAlbert Dupontelof Black Box of Yann Gozlan (which earned him a nomination for the César for Best Original Screenplay) or even Goliath of Frederic Tellier.

For this first attempt, he surrounded himself with two giants of French cinema: Benoît Magimelwhich we recently saw in the Rosalie of Stephanie Di Giustopresented at Un Certain Regard last year; and Camille Cottinwho has not accustomed us to such tough roles over the course of a filmography made up of successes such as Toni with family, Stillwater, Ten percent or even the Canal series Asshole.

The two stars nevertheless share the poster with Ibrahima Mbayewho played opposite Corinne Masiero in ColumbineAnd Anna Diakhere Thiandoumwhose first steps in cinema are these. Alongside them, Bass Dhem (He already has your eyes), Felix Lefebvre (Summer 85) And Swala Emati (The Five Devils with Adèle Exarchopoulos).

No Chains No Masters will be released in theaters on September 18, 2024.

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