Cassandro: Gael Garcia Bernal as a gay wrestler (trailer)

Cassandro: Gael Garcia Bernal as a gay wrestler (trailer)

A biopic about the luchador who made the LGBTQ+ community shine in Mexican wrestling.

In 2018, French documentary maker Marie Losier released a film about the legendary figure of Cassandro, The Exotico! The famous gay wrestler will now be entitled to his own biopic, played by Gael Garcia Bernal. Directed by Roger Ross Williams cassandro will be on Amazon Prime Video and its trailer promises extravagant costumes and a poignant story.

Saul Armendariz is a young homosexual passionate about wrestling who decides to create a ring character under the pseudonym of Cassandro. In the first images of the film, we see the young man still groping then discovering an LGBTQ + community which tries to help each other in this very masculine environment. They call themselves “los exoticos” and Cassandro makes it a point of honor to give them access to the rank of winners, a status that was denied to them until now.

The trailer swings between intimate social drama about Saul’s lived reality and rejection, and epic sports flick. Alongside Bernal, we will find the reggaeton star Bad Bunny, already seen in the cinema in Bullet Train. cassandro will be released in France on Prime Video on September 22.

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