Cate Blanchett bought a PS5 to prepare for her role in Borderlands

Cate Blanchett bought a PS5 to prepare for her role in Borderlands

The sci-fi epic based on the video game series will be released in theaters this summer.

After the boxes of The Last of Us Or fallout on the small screen, here it is Borderlandsthe film adaptation of the eponymous video game franchise about the great. It is Cate Blanchett who has been cast as Lilith, a bounty hunter with a troubled past who reluctantly returns to her home planet, Pandora, to find the missing daughter of Atlas, the most powerful man in the universe…

Originally, Borderlands is therefore an FPS (first person shooter) developed by Gearbox Software and released on Playstation, XBox and PC in 2009. A title to which Cate Blanchett had never played. So she tells Empire that she bought a PS5 for the occasion, in order to play Borderlands before playing in this SF production:

“My thumbs already have trouble with a phone… But hey, I still bought a PS5 and we played together Borderlands with my husband. I wanted to know the limits of the game and what the fans liked about the character. I was really absorbed by this universe. The cosplayers. The YouTube makeup tutorials. Everything.”

But why did she accept the role, if she knew nothing about Borderlands ? Cate Blanchett explain that “Crazy requests are usually the things that attract me the most. I like concepts that I could never conceive of. I think there may have been a bit of a Covid effect too… because I was spending way too much time in my garden playing with a chainsaw without much safety. And my husband thought this movie could save my life by getting me back to work!

Directed by Eli Roth, Borderlands will also bring together Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Edgar Ramirez, Araiana Greenblatt, Florian Munteanu, Jamie Lee Curtis and Gina Gershon in the cast. Released on August 7, 2024 in theaters.

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