Christopher Nolan runs to the music of Benny Hill with Stephen Colbert

Christopher Nolan runs to the music of Benny Hill with Stephen Colbert

Oppenheimer’s improbable parody can be seen below.

Guest on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show as he leaves favorite for the next Oscars thanks to 13 nominations received by Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan participated in an unexpected sketch. And very successful.

The screenwriter and director parodies himself, shattering his image as a filmmaker “serious”. We knew him as a fan of convoluted stories, here he is in a visual joke that is both basic and effective: a tribute to Benny Hill !

When Benny Hill presented Roger Carel, his French voice, to the English

The facilitator first makes him swear that he will answer his questions in a direct and understandable way, without going into philosophical reflections on how the world works (as in Oppenheimer) or the perception of time (as in Inception, Interstellar… and Oppenheimermoreover), he finds himself in the middle of one of the key scenes of his latest film, with Stephen Colbert in place of Cillian Murphy.

Explaining that he simply wanted to film an episode of his show, the actor turns out to be completely lost: “instead, I caused a chain reaction capable of destroying the world…”he explains before meeting Albert Einstein, and being annoyed by the director, whom he will end up suing, mad with anger!

An offbeat idea, which makes a huge nod to Benny Hill’s hilarious sketches, visual gags understandable all over the world, which made the audience of the Late Show laugh, and which has since become a hit on social networks.

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