Cillian Murphy will be back in 28 Years Later, “surprisingly!”

Cillian Murphy will be back in 28 Years Later, “surprisingly!”

“We are in the process of putting together this new trilogy 28 years later with Danny Boyle. It will by no means be a literal sequel.”

To celebrate the centennial of Columbia Pictures, producer Tom Rothman presented the restored version of Gilda, the classic by Charles Vidor with Rita Hayworth, released in 1946 at the cinema. This highlight of Cannes Classics was accompanied by a long interview with the person concerned in Deadlineduring which the boss of Sony swears that Cillian Murphy will come back well in 28 years laterof Danny Boyle.

Cillian Murphy returning in 28 Days Later sequel? “I'm available”

If the project was officially announced at the start of the year, with the director of 28 days later (2002) back as director, and Alex Garland as screenwriter, Cillian's presence as an actor was not yet confirmed: we only knew that he would be one of the producers of this sequel, which should begin filming very soon to be released in cinemas in the summer of 2025.

“I've made eight films with Danny Boyle, he's high in my personal pantheon, explains Tom Rothman first. We are in the process of concocting this new trilogy 28 years later. This will by no means be a literal sequel. And our casting is great: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jodie Comer…”

The journalist then asks if Cillian, who has just won the Oscar for best actor for Oppenheimerwill be back, he who played the unforgettable protagonist of 28 days later.

“Yes, but surprisingly, given the way it will evolve, he replies. I can just tell you that. Danny is at his best, and this kind (zombie films, editor’s note) is very popular, it's a bit like when we signed Edgar Wright and Baby Driver. Sometimes you get a filmmaker with his own true style for a film that has the potential to become a commercial success, and that artist takes that project to the top. Another example: we have this film by Darren Aronofsky carried by Austin Butler. This will certainly be Darren's most commercial work, and Austin can't wait to get started. It is called Caught Stealingit's based on a cool book, it will be an action thriller with a director known for delivering the best possible.”

In addition to 28 years laterCillian Murphy must also return this year in the film Peaky Blinderswhich should begin filming next September.

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