Tomorrow it all begins, Lupine, French Lover: Omar Sy and Hugo Gélin, a successful duo

Tomorrow it all begins, Lupine, French Lover: Omar Sy and Hugo Gélin, a successful duo

At the time when the star is part of the Cannes jury, their multi-million box office comedy returns to TF1, and they are preparing a rom-com for Netflix: the first film by Nina Rives.

TF1 reschedules this Sunday Tomorrow it all beginsdirected by Hugo Gelin (his previous film was the comedy/road trip Like brothers with Pierre Niney).

These are Sam's misadventures (Omar Sy), party planner whose ex, Kristin (Clémence Poésy), holds her baby in her arms before disappearing. Sam arrives in London in search of Christine, and ends up settling there and raising Gloria as best he can. One day, Christine returns…

Bittersweet comedy, family melodrama, Tomorrow it all begins offers a new solid and square role to the flagship actor ofUntouchableswhich is currently part from the Cannes jury of Greta Gerwig.

Omar Sy, Greta Gerwig and Lily Gladstone at the opening of the 77th Cannes Film Festival.

In spring 2019, Hugo Gélin's romantic comedy, My Unknown, won over critics and attracted nearly 600,000 spectators in theaters. A great success for this young director, who then participated in the major Netflix production, Lupine.

Four years earlier, the same screenwriter and director hired Omar Sy in Tomorrow it all beginswhich made him a hit, driven by the enormous popularity of the actor post-Untouchables : 3.2 million admissions recorded in France, and 45 million dollars in worldwide revenue!

When embarking on the adventure Lupinein 2021, Hugo thus confided in First : Omar called me and asked me to come join him. He was filming the first three episodes of the series with Louis Leterrier. Lupine. And he asked me to come and do the last three of part 2. I went there without knowing the script, nor having seen a single episode. It was just on the promise of finding Omar. It was very exciting, just seeing him as a modern Lupine..”

Since this adventure which was also a hit – season 3 broadcast last October has once again beaten viewing records-, the duo decided to meet up again, again for Netflix: we have just learned that they were concocting together the romantic comedy French Lover.

Omar Sy will play Abel Camara, the biggest star of the moment, who crosses paths with Marion (Sara Giraudeau), the girl next door. None of them suspect that this will be the start of a great love story. A pitch that recalls Love at first sight in Notting Hillan international cult romantic comedy.

And guess who will be the artistic producer? Hugo Gélin, who entrusted the production to young director Nina Rives. Pascale Arbillot and Alban Ivanov will also be in the cast.

Parisian filming planned for the end of the 77th Cannes Film Festival, for broadcast on Netflix in 2025?

Omar Sy founds a film studio with Louis Letterier

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