The live-action Naruto movie is in development

The live-action Naruto movie is in development

The screenwriter of the future film Red Sonja is in charge of its writing.

In an interview for Variety, Tasha Huoscreenwriter of the upcoming animated series Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft for Netflix confided its enthusiasm for the live action film Narutoon which she is currently working:

Adapting iconic characters makes writing easier, because the passion for writing is already there. I am so inspired by these characters, it is already very pleasant to participate in their universe by trying to tell an interesting story that could satisfy fans, like me

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After the resounding flop of Dragonball Evolution of James Wong in 2009, or even Death Note (2017)Adam Wingard, it must be said that live action manga adaptations turn out to be more than risky bets. Rumors of a live action Naruto project have persisted since 2015. It was Michael Gracey (The Greatest Showman) who was expected to realize it. The latter underlined all the work required for the good execution of a live action film, adapted from a manga, in an interview given in 2018 to Collider.

I don’t know if this will be my next film, to be honest. The creator of the manga Kishimoto is a pure genius. There are so many Hollywood adaptations of really popular manga series that don’t do this right. For me what was really important in making Naruto was collaborating with Kishimoto and showing him the script. I wanted him to be excited to realize it when he read it. He is best placed to recognize the universe he created.

We deduce that if Masashi Kishimotowho wrote and drew the 72 volumes of Naruto, was not there, Michael Gracey didn’t want to get involved in its adaptation…

But that didn’t stop Lionsgate to relaunch this long-standing project, with the new perspective of Tasha Huowhich is also working on the adaptation of Red Sonjathe comic book published by Marvel Comics, and also worked on the prequel series The Witcher: Legacy of Blood.

The live action project Naruto will it have the same success as the Netflix series One Piece ? To be continued in the next episode…

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