Completely crazy cameos in Deadpool 3?

Completely crazy cameos in Deadpool 3?

The Mercenary could be accompanied by a gallery of colorful characters.

Since the teaser went viral a few months ago, the highly anticipated Deadpool 3 excites fans, especially with the photos that have leaked on social networks. We discovered the famous mercenary in full combat with Hugh Jackman in the mythical costume of Wolverine (whom the magic of cinema brought back to life after his death in Logan in 2017).

Add to this unbearable expectation the delay in the production of films because of the historic strike of screenwriters in Hollywood. Nevertheless, the Youtuber The DisInsider gives us delicious treats concerning the supposed cameos that we would dream of seeing in this third opus. Something to make us wait…

Based on the recent trend of Marvel Studios, Sony and DC setting up their own multiverse on the one hand, and on the identity of the character of Deadpool on the other, it would seem likely that this new film will also offer its own own version of a crazy multiverse, just like its protagonist. While the return of Jennifer Garner in Elektra has already been officially announced, we could also be entitled to that of Brian Cox (Succession) as William Striker, Halle Berry as Storm; Owen Wilson resuming that of Mobius, appeared in the series LokiFamke Janssen in Jean Grey, Lewis Tan in Shatterstar (he himself teased it last year) or even Channing Tatum in Gambit, who was already to have his own film with the actor a few years ago.

The DisInsider also evokes the comeback of Ben Affleck in the costume of Daredevil twenty years later; Taylor Swift as Dazzler, Taron Egerton as another version of Wolverine (perhaps an escaped TVA variant), Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff; Tara Strong in Miss Minutes; Tom Hiddleston as Loki; Dafne Keen reincarnating her character from X23, Wolverine’s daughter, who appeared in LoganRebecca Romijn as Raven, Julian McMahon also resuming an old role, that of Doctor Doom in The Fantastic Four (2005 and 2007) and of course the great return of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in their respective roles as Professor X And Magneto.

Although very attractive, these cameos are only unconfirmed rumors. Nevertheless, they would be completely consistent with the universe of Deadpool, in the cinema as in the comics. It must be understood that the last phase of Disney-Marvel borrows the same narrative construction as that of the comics. In the cinema, the Avengers and the X-Men do not know each other, because the latter belonged to Fox until its takeover by Disney. Unlike the movies, the expansive (and frankly complex) universe of the comics has no limits: Spider-man and Deadpool are best buds, Wolverine teams up with the Punisher, and the X-Men will even declare war on the Avengers. So many cameos that are likely to generate excitement among fans and that Marvel is now able to exploit on the big screen.

Let’s add the Deadpool factor, a character who had fun breaking the fourth wall and revealing his meta dimension to the viewer from the first two parts, the ultimate element legitimizing his own multiverse. Get ready, because even if these appearances do not all come true, fans have not finished speculating before its release, currently scheduled for May 1, 2024 in France.

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