Consent: Jean-Paul Rouve as Gabriel Matzneff (trailer)

Consent: Jean-Paul Rouve as Gabriel Matzneff (trailer)

Here are the first images of the drama adapted from Vanessa Springora’s book.

The punchy work of Vanessa Springora, The consentwas brought to the screen by the director vanessa filhowho had directed Marion Cotillard as a resigning mother in her first feature film noticed at Cannes, Angel Face.

After the posterwe discover the first images of the film in an equally chilling trailer, with a Jean-Paul Rouvé (The Tuches) unrecognizable, shaved head and stern face, in the role of the predatory writer. The young Kim Higelin (familiar name but new face of the big screen) will play Vanessa, the young novelist.

“Paris, 1985. Vanessa was thirteen when she met Gabriel Matzneff, a renowned fifty-year-old writer. The young teenager became the lover and muse of this man celebrated by the cultural and political world. Losing herself in the relationship, she suffered more and more violently the destructive grip that this predator exerts on her”, announces the synopsis which faithfully resumes the autobiographical story of Vanessa Spingora published three years ago.

The novelist recounted the mechanisms of the pedophile hold and the sexual abuse of the writer Gabriel Matzneff, 50 years old at the time, on the 14-year-old girl she was. Beyond being a literary success, the testimony had participated in moving the lines and freeing the word.

We recognize in the trailer, in a brief excerpt from 1990 television, the Quebec journalist and novelist Denise Bombardier who had castigated, on the set ofApostrophes, Gabriel Matzneff’s sexual attraction to young teenage girls as he publicly bragged about it. “Literature serves as an alibi for this kind of confidence“, she had worried in a premonitory way, 30 years before the bursting of the #MeToo movement.

In the cast of this adaptation, we will also find Laetitia Casta in the role of the teenager’s mother, but also Elodie butcher in the skin of adult Vanessa Springora, the period of the click which preceded the writing.

The consent of vanessa filhoadapted from the book of the same name by Vanessa Springora, will be released on October 11, 2023.

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